Grandpa said: linger, this was originally left by grandma to your elder sister-in-law, but Grandma thought that this bracelet should be given to you, so you can meet grandma's wish! Chunling took the bracelet in tears, and the old man closed his eyes peacefully. After his grandmother died, the fourth brother wrote to him, saying that he was going to enter the military academy, but knowing that after his grandmother died, his family used a lot of money, he decided to give up. Chunling read the letter and was in a hurry. She immediately asked someone to persuade her brother by letter and sent 200 yuan to him to buy learning materials. She said: "brother, it's a great event for you to take the military academy entrance examination, but don't delay your life for the difficulties in front of you!" when Chunling thought of encouraging her fourth brother, her mother, who had been away for several years, suddenly wrote a letter. It turned out that her mother secretly opened a false divorce certificate when she left home, and then went to Pingyang County, I found a food processing boss to be my husband. My life is OK. She was filled with guilt when she learned from other people that her daughter had suffered in recent years. The mother wrote to let her daughter follow her in Pingyang County, and promised to find a good wife for xiaochunling. Reading her mother's letter, Chunling burst into tears. She hated her mother's ruthlessness, but it was her own biological mother after all! How she wanted to jump into her mother's arms and cry well, and how she wanted to live a normal girl's carefree life with her mother.